IT Project Management & Consultation

I strive to provide the best expertise of IT knowledge to make your business succeed. With Tea Before Code, we also provide strategic IT consultation sessions and project management services for any business.


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Strategy & Proposal


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“I believe in visualizing
a business’ needs to integrate the ideal technological solution for success.”

IT Consultation

We provide personalized consulting services for your technological needs. Providing your business with IT expertise will help streamline and facilitate processes that will not only reduce costs but improve communication and gain competitive advantages in your industry.

Our IT Consulting services are provided in 3 stages: setting up the initial meeting, working together to provide a custom strategy session and proposal, once the contract has been signed, the real work begins!

IT Project Management

We provide personalized IT Project Management services for any small or mid-sized business.

Our experts understand the process of providing a plan for your project, organizing, and making sure we achieve your technological goals. We utilize a methodology for the lifecycle of the project and make sure all of your business’ key stakeholders have the proper resources to make sure they succeed in their role. Ready to get started, let’s set up that meeting!